Box Battles: Birchbox v. Ipsy (April 2014)

Image Birchbox and ipsy are two of the biggest beauty subscription boxes out there right now. For a monthly fee of $10 dollars (free shipping), you get anywhere from 4-5 beauty (and lifestyle) samples. How do they know what to send you? Both Birchbox and ipsy require you to fill out a beauty profile prior to receiving your first box. From skintone to style, these quizzes allow the stylists to curate your perfect box. If you decide your taste has changed, you’re always free to change your profile for different results! Both Birchbox and ipsy have loyalty programs; Birchbox has a points system where you receive 10 points for every item reviewed. When you receive 100 points, you have $10 to spend in the Birchbox Shop on fullsize, high-end items. Similarly, ipsy has ipsyPoints that you receive for reviewing items from your monthly ipsy bag and for sharing your bag on social media. After you’ve accumulated 1000 ipsy points, you can cash them in for a prize available.

With two very similar boxes and programs, you might be wondering how Birchbox and ipsy compare. I’ve received both April boxes, so let’s find out!

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Sephora VIB Rouge: Spring Social – Live Tweeting Event!

For those who, like me, wondered where the waterfall of promised perks from the VIB Rogue program would start pouring in: it looks like we may finally get something separate from those in the VIB and Beauty Insider programs. After what feels like months of promises, Sephora is rolling out a VIB Rouge Specific events on Sunday, March 30th at all Sephora stores. This two hour event is held before store’s opening hours and exclusive to those lucky (or unfortunate) enough to have spent the $1000 to secure VIB Rouge in the 2013/2014 year.

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Rose Buds or Thorns: Battle of the Balm Stains! (And a giveaway!)

If you’ve noticed the make up work lately, balm stains have taken over the world. There’s matte, they’re lacquer, there’s kissable balm. If you are looking for a moisturizing way to stain your lips, just walk into your local CVS, Rite Aid, Walgreens, or really, ANY store to find what you’re looking for. When there are so many different options, it may be hard to narrow down who is the Queen of the Balm Stains and who is just a runner up contender. Today at Fair and Fancy Free, we’ll be comparing three of the most hyped brands of balm stains in the following brands: Revlon, NYC, and Wet & Wild

If you’re looking to find out which brand comes out on top, read more! You might even find the first giveaway from Fair and Fancy Free at the very end!

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Rose Buds or Thorns: New at the Drugstore!

This time on Rose Buds or Thorns, we’re going to be looking at a few new products at the drugstore. If you’re anything like me, the endcaps of aisles in places like Rite Aid, Walgreens, CVS, and Target suck you in almost like you’re magnetized to the area. All the shiny new displaced with their (mostly) untouched products call to me unlike any other. I’m not sure if anyone else has noticed, but a lot of drugstores like the Rite Aids and Walgreens of the world are now supplying customers with a tester that allows you to test the product before committing to the purchase. For sanitary reasons, never put these on your face, but go crazy with swatching your hand or your wrist to see how they’d work for you. Over the past two weeks, I’ve accumulated an unnecessary amount of new stuff that I can’t wait to talk about with you guys!  This week’s spotlight is on Revlon’s Photoready SkinLights, Covergirl’s new Bombshell Intensity Liner, e.l.f’s Studio HD Blush, and a surprise appearance by Maybelline’s new Color Elixir balm gloss. Continue reading

Rose Bud or Thorn: Buxom Serial Killer Gift Set


On my never-ending quest to spend as much money (that I don’t have) at Sephora as possible, I picked up the Buxom Serial Killer gift set.  The five miniature shades of Buxom’s Full Bodied lipsticks clock in at .04 oz each for $32 dollars. These are currently on sale at my Sephora for $22, but I assume they’re going fast because I picked up the very last set. Sephora’s website says that these lipsticks will plump (√  - yup!) and moisturize (√ – yup!). After trying on all five lipsticks, my lips desperately needed the moisture.

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Social Media – A Quick Update!

Hi, all!

I just wanted to let you all know that I am now available on BlogLovin. Follow my blog with Bloglovin! It’ll help those not on WordPress follow my blog easily.

If you have Instagram and/or Twitter, feel free to follow me there as well! I’m available @fairfancyfree on Twitter and fairandfancyfree on Instagram

Coming up this week: Primer Battle (see how new primers compete with standard favorites) and a eyeslipsface haul!