Sephora VIB Rouge: Spring Social – Live Tweeting Event!

For those who, like me, wondered where the waterfall of promised perks from the VIB Rogue program would start pouring in: it looks like we may finally get something separate from those in the VIB and Beauty Insider programs. After what feels like months of promises, Sephora is rolling out a VIB Rouge Specific events on Sunday, March 30th at all Sephora stores. This two hour event is held before store’s opening hours and exclusive to those lucky (or unfortunate) enough to have spent the $1000 to secure VIB Rouge in the 2013/2014 year.

This event that replaces last year’s Chic Week gives lovers of Sephora a 15% off pass for both in store and online shopping starting on the 30th and running all the way until April 11th. This is several days ahead of both VIB and Beauty Insider’s version of the sale. On top of the 15% off, those interested in attending will be able to get lessons and looks from the Beauty Studio and will be able to interact with brand representatives. Enjoy coffee and small breakfast bites and take home an exclusive cosmetic bags with free samples.

Here are some things you should know:

1. This is a VIB Rouge only event, but each red-card holder is allowed to bring one friend along with them. That friend MUST be registered for the Beauty Insider program to take advantage of the 15% off discount.

2.  Cosmetic and sample bags are available only to VIB Rouge clients. What does this mean? VIBs and Beauty Insiders attending the event as the VIB Rouge’s +1 are unable to take home a bag. Although this was confirmed on the Sephora Facebook page, it is largely assumed that this will be at the discretion of the store.

3. There has been rumors that there will be a sample BAR available during the event. Rather than have samples already in the cosmetic bag, one Sephora store is boasting about having a bar of samples available for choosing.

4. All samples at the event will be one-time use samples, most likely foil packets. Those looking for the deluxe samples that gift with purchase at Sephora is well known for will have to look to redeem 100, 250, or 500 points.

5. Sephora standalone stores will be participating in this event, but as many of you know, there are plenty of Sephora Inside JCP stores around the United States. What does that mean for those not close enough to a regular store? You are able to use your 15% off pass in the March 30th-April 11th window, but VIB Rouge Spring Social events will not be taking place. As I’ve last heard, cosmetic bags may still be available for pick up there.

So, what are your thoughts? For those of us who have been Rouge for awhile, this seems like a step in the right direction but only time can time.  With Ulta’s new ULTAmate rewards program (review and breakdown coming soon!) it’s good to see Sephora notice the competition they have in addition to Nordstrom.

I will be at the event on March 30th from 9-11 am at the South Hills Village store in Pittsburgh and will be live tweeting the event at @fairfancyfree. For those of you who will be taking advantage of the 15% discount whether you’re Rogue, VIB, or BI – what are you looking at getting your hands on? The next Sephora sale will likely not take place until fall, so it’s in your best interest to stock up now!

Those looking to register for the event can follow this link! Spaces are limited!

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